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Humanitarianism trumps Mayhem

Disgruntled South Africans have taken to looting and violence for both economic and political motivations. One week into the looting and violence in South Africa and still no end in sight with the death toll and devastation on the economy rising. My first blog focused on what it meant to be an everyday activist, little did I know that I would come to see how people would respond to what I deem a humanitarian crisis in South Africa, one week later. The vast majority of South Africans are not in support of the looting and violence in the name of politics and poverty. I had begun to think that those responsible for the violence and pillaging were in fact victims of economic woes and manipulation until I saw those with Mercedes Benz drive up to burning shopping malls to fill their boots with stolen goods! This time is in fact one of madness and my beloved country is in crisis.

Facebook and Twitter is ablaze with ex-pats claiming their righteousness at leaving South Africa but let us not forget that other countries are also at war in one way or another. Non-white people have a problem walking the streets of the United States and has resulted in the #BlackLivesMatter movement in response to police brutality. Canada still does not acknowledge the rights of indigenous people. The Canadian government has even approved construction projects that will prevent indigenous communities from practicing their cultures and traditions on their own land. We see a resurgence of racism in Europe over the recent loss of England in the 2021 European soccer championship. A soccer match has incited hatred!

The world, dear friends is in crisis.

AID…ASSISTANCE…this is what South Africans need. In KwaZulu- Natal and the Eastern Cape we see the rise of the taxi industry in assisting the public in not only protecting their local businesses but also assisting communities to clean up the devastation and restore calm. This part of our transport industry has long been perhaps misunderstood and feared for reckless driving. The taxi industry has risen as unlikely heroes. We see various communities mobilizing in other parts of the country to provide aid to those whom now have very little or no access to goods and services.

Aid organisations, civil society and ordinary South Africans have stepped up to help their fellow neighbor. 32 000 loaves of bread were driven overnight by truck on 15 July 2021 to provide food to the affected areas in KwaZulu-Natal, this is just one example of the volunteers whom have provided this aid expecting nothing in return.

Whilst the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic and efforts for rollout of vaccines, already under strain in South Africa, now further delayed by the mayhem, people have stood up and shown that their sense of humanity trumps the negative views being portrayed by the media the world over. I would like to challenge you in these trying times, to be an everyday activist and support those who are now in a major crisis in whatever manner you can. This can simply mean, sharing a loaf of bread with your neighbor and does not have to be a grand or expensive gesture. We have overcome many social and political evils as a country, these acts of approximately 2 million people can be overcome by the 58 million who stand against this.

Stay safe during this time.

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